Friday, January 08, 2010

Hello All

I am quietly sipping my tea while the boys nap. It is an Organic Blackberry from Kensho Tea. I picked up a tin of it this fall from the farm. It is delicious and its fragrance fills the room.

I am debating on napping myself since the boys are both asleep. I am tired even though I did sleep better last night. Not sleeping well seems to be just a part of being pregnant for me. Too bad since being pregnant itself makes me tired. It is as though I can't fall deeply asleep and just linger between sleep and wakefulness all night, and sometimes day. :)

I do not want to sleep though. I am just taking a break from mixing up things here in the kitchen. I made up a new batch of Healing Balm and put it in all my little jars. I usually keep some in my purse to just give away, so if you see me just ask.
I also whipped up a new type of deodorant. I had been loving what I made before, until the last few weeks. ( Hmmm. Pregnancy hormones?? That may be the culprit.) If I like it I may switch what deodorant I make regularly to that one. (NOTE TO CAREY--Once I figure out what one I like best and get another plastic tub I'll send some to you.)

I am also experimenting with an aftershave balm for Sweetheart. He voted for bergamont oils so we'll see. Since that is what gives Earl Grey tea its distinct flavor and he drinks it everyday, I think he'll like it. I am actually waiting for it to set up so I can whip it.

Next, provided I resist the pull of the bed, I will make more Lavender Body Butters. I have some Cinnamon Spice left and a bunch of scrubs, but otherwise Christmas gifts wiped me out.

While that is cooling I will try to do a double batch of lip balms as I think I am down to one or two tubes. I should pry myself out of this chair and get going, don't you think? ***Break*** The aftershave balm is whipped! And my hands are so soft. I had enough to fill the jar I wanted to use and three little sample jars. Any (local) takers?

I am looking forward to the weekend. Sweetheart's birthday is next week and so we are headed out to dinner this weekend. It should be a nice evening.

Sweetheart has been putting in a lot of extra hours between his side business and fixing our car, so I am hoping for a bit of family time this weekend. The great news is that the side business' profit for last year allowed us to pay off our second mortgage on our home yesterday. Yippee! It was all how they configured the original loans for our home when we bought it. Now that extra each month can go to paying down the first faster. Nice.

Well, my teacup is empty and I best get back to work. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. **Special Greetings to any Company Girls!!!****

***********Added later: I finished everything except for whipping the Body Butters. The mix is still cooling to the right temperature for whipping. I checked it a moment ago and it just isn't quite ready yet. I did get fifteen tubes of lipbalm made. Now it is time to finish cleaning up and switch out more laundry. Exciting life, isn't it?


carikaufm said...

uh...WOW! Sounds like you got a BUNCH of stuff done! You go girl! I am in awe...

The tea you are drinking sounds lovely...

Frugal Friend said...

Hello Company Girl! Those proucts sound perfect for pampering time. Will have to try to make some one of these days!

And thank you for visiting me on my blog, too. Take care.

bashtree said...

Oooo, it sounds like you are where I want to be in maybe 3 years - babies, and a home, and making all kinds of body goodies :) Thank you for sharing - I can't wait to dig into your archives and learn more!

Anna said...

The tea sounds delicious. All the other homemade things sound so interesting, too. I hope that you are able to get some rest. :)

Stephenie said...

Welcome to the Company Girls! Sounds like you have been quite busy. I hope you are able to get a good night's sleep soon.


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