Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Posts

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I am using Picasa for my picture files and editing. It will also upload automatically to the blog, but only posts four pictures at a time. Hence, the reason for the million posts I did this morning with just a few pictures at a time. I would have made it into just one long post, but I don't know how to make Picasa upload more than the four at time.
I am so excited we got a new lens for the camera! I really prefer to blog with pictures. This means that I should be writing and posting more regularly. Not five posts a day, mind you, but more than I have been. I've got a lot of new ideas to share and hope to do so soon!
Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and here's to a very Happy New Year!


Bonnie said...

I don't know if this makes sense, and I am not sure f it will work, but when I want to add a lot of pictures, I up load as many as I can in one go to my post, after they have loaded, I hit the picture button again (in the write post screen) and add more. Does that help you at all?
Looking forward to reading all these posts!

Anonymous said...

It sounds (and looks!) like you had a wonderful Christmas. May you and your family be blessed with a very Happy New Year.

silk purse said...

Good for you for trying my dear, you'll get there!~ I also have a new camera and it's taking quite awhile to learn all of the details of just how to coax the most out of it!..,

I wish I could help you on the finer points of how to download more tahn 4 pictures at a time from your camera using Picassa, yet alas I cannot!~ I use Adobe Photoshop as my photo editor of choice, and I always a adjust them first. (Read; I have to adjust them),so a direct download would not work for me, at least for now!

On another more whimsical note with regard to the caption on your blog banner, I think I just may have found a "teacup large enough", to "suit the late C.S. Lewis",(yet I'll not be able to accomodate his legendary request for a long enough book I'm sure)!

You see with my current penchant "for all things tea", as "my teapots are more or less always overflowing" within the recurring themes of two of my blogs, the flow of tea therefore is more or less unending!..,

On that rather cheerful note my dear I wish you a safe, happy, properous and "tea-licious" New Year in 2010!..,

Cheers from Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen and @ Silken Purse blogs

Francesca said...

I upload from Flickr, copying and pasting the html, and there's no restriction. Many warm wishes of happiness in 2010, Kimberly!


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