Sunday, November 01, 2009

Secret ;) Sources

My husband is the Internet Shopping Guru. He happily spends hours searching for The Best Deal. Of course, this occasionally means that we have an...abundance...of materials. These are the sites he has found that have the best prices for the things we use.

Some offer specials at different times, and/or have the best total prices with shipping. You may be able to find better prices on specific items just by looking around. If you do, please share them with us! Also, feel free to add any other sites in the comments that you think we should know about.

The Chemistry Store has everything from Shea Butter to Lip Balm Tubes to Beeswax. US Plastics is a great company and has all sorts of things including the buckets we store our grain in to keep it fresh. Rebecca's Apothecary is in Boulder and where I go if I need something quickly, or just in smaller quantities. Her prices are higher, but sometimes it is more convenient.

Well, hope that helps you out! I've been so busy with canning that most other products have taken a back seat. I think I will be doing an Etsy store in the next few weeks so you can also just purchase some of the finished products.


Nikki Ritter said...

Can't WAIT for your Etsy store! Thanks for sharing your secrets with us! :D

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

Thank you Kimberly! You are such a blessing. :)


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