Friday, October 16, 2009

Honey Love

We love honey! We've been enjoying an abundance of honey this year from friends and the farm up the road. I had mentioned in a prior post about some Pumpkin Spice Honey. A few people have asked about it so I thought I'd share this info. This is something I didn't actually make, but bought.

We bought this earlier this summer when we were in Durango, Colorado. Honeyville is a lovely little company just outside of town that sells all sorts of yummy honey treats. They have so many different products that include honey and all of the ones I've had are delicious. The Bumble Berry Syrup and the Chocolate Sauce both contain honey as the sweetener and are products we also picked up and have been enjoying. The Amaretto Whipped Honey with Pecans is a unique treat as well.

They have all sorts of fun things on their website and it appears that they ship all over. Enjoy!


Lillie Mae Acres said...

Oh my goodness that sounds good. I will have to find me some.
I made Pear Honey this year and just won a blue ribbon for it at our county fair last week. Thanks for the post, and I love your blog.

hadashi said...

you know, this post and the last post reminded me of this excellent (and fun to read) chai concentrate recipe. i keep a jar of it in the fridge for guests. the bay leaf really makes a difference!


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