Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Food Fun!

I just picked up a bushel of pickling cucumbers and a bushel of zucchini and Italian squash. Last year I put up a bushel of pickles and we've had to ration them out. We're down to one unopened jar left. I did give quite a few years away, something that did not thrill Sweetheart once he had eaten them and loved them. I'm planning on making at least two bushels this year. This way we'll have enough and I'll still have plenty to share.

I love zucchini. We'll eat some fresh, some stuffed and I may even fry some this weekend on my free day. I make zucchini bread, too. This year though I'm trying something new: zucchini chips. Inspired by Prairie Girl I've got two huge bowls worth soaking as I type. I picked up a second dehydrator this winter at the thrift store, so I'll be filling those trays right up. I bought it after stretching out making apple chips over too many days last Autumn. I'd rather do all my prep work at once in huge quantities. This way I can do twice as much in the same amount of time overall.

The half bushel of Italian squash was an impulse buy. I'll add it to dinners and searched for some new recipes. I also sliced one up to try it in chips as well. For $2.50 for a half bushel, I couldn't resist!

I'm hoping the chips work well. Since I make most of our meals and snacks from scratch, I'd like to have some new ideas and flavors. We like chips and I'd rather make them than buy them. I do have some ranch seasoning left over from life before and I have some bbq rub seasoning that I think will work well. I'll leave some plain and some just salted. I'll let you know how it goes.

Since last year was my first attempt at preserving food, I've learned a lot! I am amazed at how many things one can make for oneself. The cost is usually less and the end product so much better. It might not all be uniform and perfect looking, but I've moved beyond perfection as a life goal. It's made life a lot easier for me and everyone who is near me. :)

Well, Sweetheart is back in town after being gone for too long. So, hopefully, I'll be able to post new pictures soon and get my computer back to normal. Where was he, you ask? Why, at a tech conference of course. Isn't that the way it always goes?

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TopazTook said...

I was just talking this week with someone who raved about zucchini chips (she puts cheese on hers). So I'm thinking they'll be good. :)

Some time, could you talk about what you mean by your "free day" on the weekend? (I'll count that as my comment related to my "whatever" vote in your poll.)


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