Friday, June 19, 2009

"There are crumbs on my toes."

Thank you, Dumpling. He just announced this to me as I walked into the room. Hey, for not being two until September, I think his language skills are great. Just wish they reflected a bit better on my housekeeping this week!

I have created our weekly routine and after a few weeks of using it, I find it really helpful. When I follow it. I'd love to believe I could/should/ought to follow it 100% and being a kinda of all or nothing gal, I really like to. BUT, since I live in a little place called Reality and other people live here as well, not everything can go according to my plan.

As I reviewed the week, I'm barely above 50% for the weekly routine things. Not good. Not planning meals has really caused problems and I didn't do my big cleaning things. It's been a combination of things outside of my control and a total lack of motivation a few days. Here's where I'd usually stop thinking and start mentally flogging myself.

HOWEVER, while I am really trying to be more disciplined I am also seeking balance. This is where the good part of the week appears: my daily routines. Looking back over the daily routine things, I'm above 90% for the week. (100% on exercising!!) Wow. That's a good feeling.


I'm back after having run the little brush sweeper thingy on the carpet. :) *ahem* And, since Dumpling creates most of the crumbs, I passed the sweeper onto him to use when I was done.

Really looking at the week as a whole is a good thing and even right now is helping me to combat the feelings that "I didn't accomplish anything!" and "There's more I should have done!" When I step back, I can see that I have accomplished things. No, it's not 100% of what I wanted, but will it ever be? Doubt it! Plus, I need to remember that there were extra things that I did this week, but that aren't on a list to check off.

Well, I feel better now. Now it's time to put together the salad and get out the leftovers for dinner. It's Friday Night and that's Movie Night around these parts. Woo Hoo! Let's celebrate!

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Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

I always go back and put those things that weren't on the list on the list--just so I can cross them off!

Love you!


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