Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Quite awhile ago, I did a post about labeling the glass jars I use for food storage. As I was asked about this today, I thought I'd share a few more things I've been labeling. I never knew one roll of contact paper could last so long!

Just the other day Sweetheart cut a board to add a much-needed shelf to my spice cupboard. I covered the new, ugly board with the paper as well. As I dry most of the herbs I grow each summer, I have jars filled with mysterious leaves and twigs everywhere. The new shelf allowed me to rearrange everything and actually get all my herbs and spices in the one cupboard.

Now, anyone can also identify and use most of the things I have without asking me what something is. (Looking at the pictures, I see that I should label a few more jars!) I have it all arranged by usage as well. All the baking ingredients are on one shelf, and the other shelves are filled with my more everyday cooking herbs and spices. My salt blends, homemade & store bought, are on the bottom shelf where I can grab them easily while cooking.

It is so much easier to find everything and I actually smile when I look in the cupboard now!

I also added some strips of lace I had on hand to the shelves in the pantry a few weeks ago. It's not perfect, but it's such a sweet, little touch that I enjoy. You can also see the labels on some of the jars. Since most of our pantry supplies are bought in bulk, I find it easier to keep everything in jars. It also makes writing out the grocery list a breeze as I can see at a glance anything we might be low on.

I am able to add notes & directions on the labels easily and they just peel off without any residue whenever I want. I simply write on them with a Sharpie marker. I've even had a few jars go through the dishwasher with labels on them that have come out just fine, though I don't necessarily recommend that!

The top picture shows how I labeled the Lavender Body Butter I made the other day. Our Bunco group exchanges small gifts as we play for rolling certain things. The gifts get passed around throughout the game. I didn't know who would end up with it and I wanted the ladies to know what was in the jar.

(They are getting used to my homemade gifts and are very gracious about them. I also spent the afternoon baking 12 dozen chocolate chip cookies to take as thank yous. I knew I wouldn't be able to write 12 thank you cards for the amazing gift they had given me last time we were all together without more tears than I could bear. Several of them said they preferred the cookies to a note! While it may not have been perfect etiquette, it was heartfelt.)

I knew I wanted to label the jar somehow and immediately thought of the contact paper. I simply traced the lid onto the paper, cut and stuck it onto the jar. This was the third batch of body butter I've made so far. I had trouble getting this one to set, so I'll need to go back and check my notes to make sure my oil ratios were correct. I had wanted to make a different sized batch and might have miscalculated. I may end up taking all the jars I have sitting on the counter, remelt them and redo it all. We'll see. It's like anything else, sometimes it doesn't turn out as I hoped.

I did however, tweak my lip balm recipe with super results! I'll post the new one soon. This batch goes on soooo smooth and stays much firmer in the tubes. I love it!

So, there have been some successes and some failures along the way of trying to make all these new things. I'm learning and just doing the best I can. Imagine, just a little over a year ago I'd have probably never attempted to make either thing! I didn't even know one could make such things at home!

Well, it's grown quite late and I need to sign off now. Please forgive any mistakes. I'll proofread tomorrow when my eyes aren't starting to droop. I know I do still need to catch up on a few subjects and links soon. Hope each one of you is doing well!

What simple things are you doing to create beauty in your home? Do share!


Adrienne said...

Dear Kim -
Your labels are wonderful and your shelves are a thing of beauty. There is nothing so pretty as home done things. Thanks for sharing your labels with us. You inspire me to find some contact paper and get started!

Puva said...

Your shelves are very pretty! I like the laces. They give the place a country-look of sorts. Very creative (:

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love your handwriting!

I really want to copy that shelf idea. My spice shelf is tall and things end up getting lost. Dividing that space with a shelf is BRILLIANT!

I love that you re-use your jars for other things--I do that too!

Even more impressive is growing your own herbs and drying them. I was thinking that buying them in bulk was saving me money (and it does) but even better to have home-grown fresh and dried too!

Bonnie said...

I am in Spring cleaning/organizing mode, and I love seeing your pantry!
I am a jar-a-holic, and now I can start putting my massive collection to use.

Shan said...


Of course, you know how I love labels and lace! This was a delightful post and makes me want to rearrange some shelves!

I just love pretty jars...they are so much more pleasant to look upon.

I am planning my garden and hope to grow more herbs. Do you have any tips for storing and drying them? Do share please!

Yours so very kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Prairie Chick said...

oh. I am in my element. I was just telling Prairie Guy YESTERDAY that in the new kitchen I would like one wall to be open pantry shelves and I want to decorate it with tons of pretty jars holding all my dry goods. I have *got* to show him this! I'm off to add you to my reader!


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