Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quiet Days

We're busy little bees around here! Baking, sewing, cleaning and playing fill ours days. (So do whining and crying, but we'll not dwell on those!)

I picked up my sewing machine and it works wonderfully. My only regret is that I didn't take it in sooner--like six months ago. Now, I just need the time to go back a fix a few projects! However, having lost the days I did while the machine was in being serviced, I'll be lucky to just finished what I plan. Redos will probably need to wait.
I've got out my Christmas teapots and have them around. We decided this was not the year to do a Christmas Tea. I missed having it though. Maybe next year it will happen. I was thinking of doing a little tea just for family, but will be skipping that, too. So, we can all just look at the pretty pots here and you can read about last year's tea, or about Christmas Teas in general, if you're interested.

Well, I had hoped to write more, but my little elves are needing me. Maybe it's time to just rethink blogging altogether.


Susan said...

Just pop in and chat when you can. Don't give up completely, unless you really feel it is a burden. I love your posts and your pictures. You and your blog...well, they fill me with calm and peace. No pressure to keep blogging, though, lol.

Merry Christmas and huggles to the little ones.

Jodi said...

I just looked back at last year's pictures to see how much the boys have changed. It's amazing how they change right before our very eyes, isn't it! Pumpkin is really starting to thin in the face and get that Big Boy (preschooler) look. And of course, Dumpling has changed a lot!

I was glad to hear you got your sewing machine back ... I was thinking about you. I spent all afternoon with Bridget (9 y.o.) helping her sew her Christmas gifts; she was so proud that she did all the seams by herself. (And yes, we do get a little last minute with our projects sometimes, but I fear that was the momma's fault!) :o)

I've not been very good at posting lately myself. But I've come to see my blog as a slower-paced, collection of thoughts and family tidbits. I just can't possibly keep up with the rush of a daily, entertaining, teaching / decorating / cooking type blog. In fact, most of my favorite blogs to read don't post daily (or even all that frequently), and I'm okay with that! I just enjoy them when they do post.

Hope you and your little elves aren't burning the midnight fuel in the workshop! ;o) Hugs to you and yours.

Mimi said...

I'm afraid that many peoples Christmas's have been changed somewhat this year...between the economy and the Weather...
I loved your Tea party last year...and enjoyed seeing how the little ones have grown and changed...
wishing for your sweet family a very Blessed and sweet Christmas together...


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