Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Words So True

"One of the priceless things that God has lovingly sought to teach me throughout the multi-faceted, ever-changing seasons of motherhood, is to quietly let go and flow with the inevitable upsets that occur in life.

Things we don't and can't plan for, that of their nature replace other things that might be more pleasant and desirable and what we would have chosen if we had a choice.

Turning in and settling down--at home.

Expecting much less of myself and everyone else.

Laying aside any extra and/or measure of perfection in, the do-ings, in celebration of the sweet be-ings just waiting to be had, if my desire is to make it through these times of sickness or sorrow or change, in the soft, gentle way of His grace.

The way that nurtures and gives life, peace and rest, rather than the stress, anxiety, and unrest for everyone, that results if we pull and strive against what is, as though it isn't, wishing it were otherwise. "


Jewels wrote these words after several days without power and a time of sickness in her home with she and all (9) of the children unwell. While we are all well here, I wanted to highlight these words for myself as a rememberance for those times when all is not as I would wish. Just thought I'd share them with you as well. Here's the link if you are interested in more.

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