Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Guess Where We Went Today?

Ok, not a tough thing to guess if you've been reading here at all lately. We met up with some new friends today at Berry Patch Farms. Katie and I connected on-line a long time ago through Sandy's Tea Society. Since then, she's commented here now and again, but today was the first time we've met in person.

She, and her kids, were such a delight to hang out with! We spent some time out in the fields picking raspberries then enjoyed our lunch a the picnic tables under the giant cottonwood trees. The chickens and turkeys and Bacon Bits were all out and about enjoying their picnic lunches as well from all the food the kiddos seem to drop on the ground.
I thought this post would be longer, I've got so much more to share! However, someone has just awakened from his nap, so I must go. Hope you're enjoying this incredible Autumn day!


Raquel said...

Looks like a fun, fun, fun day! Much love, Raquel XO

Bernideen said...

Kimberly: I read alot of your canning blogs a while back - this week I canned Crabapple Jelly - check me out!


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