Sunday, August 03, 2008

Company's Coming!

The salad is in the refrigerator, the iced tea is cooling, the salad dressing is made, the brownies are cooling and waiting to be cut--except for the one I had to try for quality control purposes, of course.
The table is set. The candles are waiting to be lit. I tried to think of the last time we used candles. Then I remembered, it was before Pumpkin started eating at the regular table. Coincidence? I think not! We used to use them all the time. Tonight's are just tealights in some low mother of pearl candle holders and set out of a certain red-headed boy's reach.
I am off to get ready with an hour to spare. Everything is clean and ready. By the time I finished curling my hair the boys should be ready to get up. I am calm. This is so nice.
Sweetheart once declared I wasn't allowed to invite anyone over anymore because I would be such a stress case and drive him nuts. I was. Now, things are ready to go early and I am happy. Why? I'm no longer trying to impress anyone. Learning that hospitality is to bless, not impress, helps a lot. So does keeping it easy and letting others help. Our guests are bringing the main dish. It feels weird, but honestly, right now, I'm glad we planned it this way. I also decided to skip a bunch of extras we don't really need and to just do a tried and true dessert that I know we'll all like since I served it the last time they were here!
Tonight, I will just enjoy--our home, our friends and the blessing of sharing a meal together. It's a nice change. Thank you, Lord, for changing my heart.


Cathy said...

A heart of thanksgiving is His way and always leads to blessedness. Yes, it is good when He changes our heart. I enjoy your blog.

BaileyZimmerman said...

Great attitude!!

Have a F A B U L O U S time tonight!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're able to relax and enjoy yourself. Makes me realize I need to entertain more often.

Shan said...

Dearest Kimberly,

I am now 47 years old and I finally think I have the idea of blessing instead of impressing, LOL!

I used to get soooo stressed out before anyone came over that my family actually moaned when they knew that company was coming. How awful!

As my dear and wise Titus 2 friend would remind me. Your guests come to see you, not the house! Give them good food, great conversation and a clean bathroom and the rest just leave alone! Good advice!

I hope you have a wonderful visit and enjoy yourself.

Yours very truly,
Honey Hill Farm

Kelli said...

Wonderful post, Kimberly! I hope you had a great time with your company!


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