Saturday, June 14, 2008

Treasure Hunting

Letter Board for the Boys with Numbers on the Back.

Grandma had one of these growing up!

Mom, the boys, and I headed off this morning to the Ballpark Market here in downtown Denver. Mom and I had gone a few years ago, but had not been back for whatever reason. There are three or four of this markets around the city on various Saturdays, so it's nice to visit some of them now and again.

Personally, I was surprised that this one isn't any larger than it was after all the years they've been doing it. There was no Farmer's Market as listed and the pastries and coffees from their snack shop must have been sold out of the hot dog stand. The Paris Street Market by constrast is quite large and very busy. There is also the a Sweet William Market, too for those of you who may be interested!

However, I still found some fun treasures! I had birthday money that's been burning a hole in my pocket since March, so I was on the look out for some unique items.

My New Shelf for Teacups and Treasures

Have you ever bought something outdoors only to be surprised by how large it really is when it is indoors? Sweetheart and I have this problem every time we cut down our own Christmas trees in the forest. Like the year it passed the windows on the SECOND floor of the vaulted ceiling. Yup.

So, that will help you understand this bowl. It looked like a nice big bowl to hold my double batches of bread dough. Ok. It'll do that.

In fact, here's the t*r*i*p*l*e batch of dough, that's six loaves, AFTER it had risen.

Maybe this will help get the size into perspective! It'll hold dough for six loaves of bread with ease, but only one Dumpling.

(By the way, ignore the mess on the counter by the sink, but notice the great vintage Pyrex dishes I got!) I have no idea where I'm going to store this when it's not in use!!!


Adrienne said...

I like that bowl full of Dumpling! He is so cute. He has grown so much. Great finds. ~Adrienne~

Janna Widdifield said...

I just love that "word maker" toy. I'm so bummed that I missed the market and I've missed the last Paris market as well. But, I guess it helped me save my pennies.

Mary Isabella said...

That is one large bowl and one cute Pumpkin....Mary

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a fantastic gameboard and an even cuter baby!

Shan said...


Thank you for stopping by Honey Hill Farm. I cannot say why we have so many strawberries this year. We really didn't do anything special, but we do have quite a few bees around the farm. We had a harvest yesterday of over a quart of berries...I will be making some jam today.

I love your treasures and will have to ask Dearest for a "Treasure Hunt Date"! We especially like the baby who came with your bowl! Too cute.

Yours kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Anonymous said...

Now that's a bowl! I love the tea kettle on your stove(I have the same one on my stove):-).
I really like that letter/number board too-I wonder if there's any place to get something similar to that today? If anyone knows, please feel free to email me~
Thanks for sharing your treasures-very neat.

Shanda said...

Kimberly, Thank you for visiting my blog today, I love visitors and love meeting new people. That is such a cute post about the bowl and what a cute dumpl'in he is.

Teri in CO said...

Thanks for mentioning the markets! I didn't know about these and am going to try and go to all three of them soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that alphabet board just prompted a lot of memories of playing in my Grandma's basement! I wonder who got that thing...

mer said...

I love the word toy you found, and that picture of your son in the bowl is very cute!

I want to check into these markets...sounds like a fun way to spend a day!

I keep meaning to tell you that there is a tea house in my little town that I think you would like. I know it would be quite a drive for you, but maybe if you're ever down this way you can check it out.

They serve all kinds of loose tea, and they have an assortment of vintage tea cups and saucers that you can choose to drink from. I always think of you when I go there!

Snippen' Threads said...

The letter board actually made me cry! I rememer sitting on my "Gram's" porch (50 odd years ago) playing with one of those. I just loved it!


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