Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Big breath in! I feel like I'm actually getting my head above water. I've been completely a bunch of projects around the house that have been half done for far too long. It's felt like I haven't finished anything in so long, but tonight I've reviewed what I have done in the last two weeks.

* The garden is all in. Yippee!

* I've finished painting all the porch furniture, except a small part of one piece I need to touch up.

* I've sewn two of the cushions for the porch. I think I have three to go.

* I've clean out our closet, our room, and the loft. These were an utter disaster, especially after dashing out of town last week.

* I've done some sewing on a bag I've been wanting to get to for quite some time. It was a black canvas bag that I loved, but it had an ugly logo for a reading curriculum company that I got at a teaching training years ago. I gave away most of my teacher bags when I quit, but this one was always comfortable and the inside pockets so useful. So, finally I cut out a rectangle from some of my Grandmother's old barkcloth curtains and sewed it over the logo. I tried to sew it on with the machine, but since it was on the pocket of the bag, I couldn't get it to work right on the machine. So I ended up hand sewing it with embroider thread. It's not perfect, but I like it a whole lot better! (I love the fabric, but entire draperies out of it might be too much even for me!)

* All the dishes are washed and now I have time to go work on my projects for the Art Swap over at Quill Cottage. I am excited about this as they are manageable projects with a end result and a deadline. Finally, an excuse to just be creative because I want to! I needed something like this to do just for me and just for fun.

* I've been cutting roses and filling the house with them this week. The bushes have simply exploded with blooms! I'm sure I'll post pictures soon. It's amazing.


Carey said...

Ok, you've been busy! Have a good night.

Brenna said...

I'm so impressed. You did all that with two tiny ones and one in your belly. I've got one little one and am not sure I could accomplish all that in a day! But we did have fun at the zoo today (even though it felt like January!). Hugs, Brenna

Shelley Jo said...

Kimberly, your bag is lovely. I think the fact that the machine wouldn't cut it was a blessing. The hand stitching adds to the beauty of the bag, I think!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...'ve been busy! Sounds like HUGE progress to me!

Can't wait to see you later this morning!


BaileyZimmerman said...

Doesn't it feel wonderful to finally carve out time to be creative? I remember when Heather & Nathan were little, I thought I'd go crazy....til I made time for my artwork.
Love the mango rose on your previous post....can't wait to see more of your roses, when you have time. We can't grow roses, they don't like the same kind of soil that the oaks our garden is too shady, roses like more sun.
So I'll enjoy yours even more!
Grandpa Hasper would be so proud of you....he was magic in the garden...I'm sure that's where you get your green thumb. His dream job? To be a gardener!! When we visited Butchart Gardens near Victoria, I cried, thinking how much he would have loved working there!
I'll post photos of the gardens within the next few days...they are next in line to be added to my'll love it. We also had a grand high tea at the was a very HIGH tea...we added sparkling wine to the mix! LOL


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