Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I've Been Up To

Lemon Honey Pecan Tart
I love this dessert. The first time I made it was for my very first Tea Party. I was in college, but out for the summer. My friends Joy, Kristin, Kari and Lisa all came over to my Dad's house for tea. I served us in the backyard under the giant pecan tree. We drank iced tea. It was Phoenix and summer. After our tea time and croquet, we jumped in the pool and swam for awhile. Doesn't everyone swim at their teas?
This tart is incredible. The lemon peel and hint of cloves make it spectacular. I'll add the recipe. Eventually.


He's growing up. He's now eating at the table in his Big Boy Chair. He loves it.

Here's Pumpkin pretending to sleep on his new pillowcase.

I put two rockets on it and embroidered his name on it as well. He loves it!

That's Bunnie, by the way. It is his best friend. Next to Dumpling, of course. However, watch out if Dumpling takes Bunnie. Tears ensue. From both Pumpkin and Dumpling.

Here's the book I got for Christmas for the embroidering. It's good. It has some basic stiches and tips. Most of the book is simple iron on patterns that you can use and reuse. That's nice. I've used the rocket one three times now and could probably use it a few more times.

Anna has some examples of her work from this same book. (It took me a lot longer than her fifteen minutes!) I'm working on the teacup runner right now. It's just a linen sqare from the thrift store, but I've put some teapots and cups around it. I'll freehand some flowers as other things as well. It'll be awhile until it's done probably.

Kitchen Tools

I love kitchen tools, don't you? I've given away all the ones I don't use, or don't seem to work well for me. The ones I've kept must earn their keep.

My Mill

This is my new mill. Sweetheart and I got this a few months ago with some Christmas gift cards we received. It's gotten a lot of use already.

Oddly enough, I mill everything on top of the washer. The mill is really loud and the only times I seem to be able to use it, someone is sleeping. So, I put it on the washer and shut the down to the Laundry/Powder Room.That would explain these photos. I was milling more flour after the boys went to sleep. I turned it on, and left the room because it is so loud.

This is what I returned to. Oops! I thought it wouldn't run if I didn't have the bowl pushed in all the way. I was wrong. It does run. It just spews finely milled flour all over. And I mean all over. Sweetheart took the pictures then grabbed the shop vac to clean it all up. I had to wipe down every surface several times after the dust all settled.
But I love the mill. Really! It's so nice. I've just got to be more careful next time.

Here's what you can make with the freshly-milled flour and my French Bread Recipe. Just roll out one loaf worth of dough into a rectangle. Smear some butter on the dough, then sprinkle a little brown sugar and a lot of cinnamon onto the butter. Roll the dough as tightly as you can. The tighter you roll, the more it swirls.

Pumpkin says, "Mmm. Good stuff."

The Green Thing

Everyone got one of these for their anniversary, didn't they? What is it, you say? It's a Becky Porter, of course.

Yeah, that's what I thought when it appeared on the counter a few anniversaries ago. Here's a hint:

This baby cuts potatoes into the perfect fries amazingly fast. I think it took me longer to take the pictures than it did to get these ready. This is a fun gadget. I'd use it more (Pumpkin wishes I would!) but french fries aren't the heathiest thing going. I fried this batch because I was in a hurry, but they work well for oven fries as well.

Pumpkin doesn't care, so long as there's ketchup!


Last week he and I were having a little reminder chat about what would happen if he hit me. He's two. He's good at being two. He was unhappy with me about something and started to swing. I stepped back and said, "Remember what happens if you hit Mommy."

Pumpkin, "No Bunnie."

Mommy, "That's right."

He starts running through the list of things on his bed that disappear when he has to be in there for time-out.

Pumpkin, "No bear. No water. No pillow. No blankets. No more blankets."

Mommy, "Yes."

Pumpkin, "No...ketchup."


Mommy--Cracks up laughing. "That's right, no ketchup." Laughs some more.

Pumpkin laughs.

That certainly diffused the situation.

In case you were wondering: we don't keep ketchup in his bed even when he's not in time-out.

Well, that's pretty much what I've been up to! I won't bore you with the endless dishes, laundry and cleaning I've been doing, since I figure you have your own to go do.

Did I mention the diapers? There's a lot of diapers around here...I'm just hoping to get Pumpkin potty trained before #3 arrives. Three in diapers might just push this Mommy over the edge.

And just so that Dumpling doesn't feel left out, here he is. One of the top teeth popped in this week. Ouch. It hurts both of us when he gets teeth.


Kelli said...

What a wonderful update, Kimberly! Your boys are getting so big...what cuties! I've never heard of a Becky Porter, it's very neat and I sure would like a taste of those fries!

Your embroidery is very pretty, I love the teapot and cup!

Brenna said...

You are pregnant?! Congratulations! I misspelled your name and hadn't been able to find your blog for days and days. I thought I lost you! Thank you, Lord. I've missed you.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I've had that same thing happen with my mill. I have a different style but if you don't get it put together just right, you end up with the same thing.

It is not fun to clean freshly milled flour from the walls, the kitchen counter, the stove (I was using the counter next to the stove), the floor... and even the sink!

Sigh... I wonder if there will be a little redheaded girl in the future. Those two boys look like they would be wonderful overprotective brothers. :)

Anonymous said...

We're voting for a girl! Hannah would like to have a "girl" cousin!! She's feeling quite left out with all these boys. :-) However, we'll be thrilled with healthy!

Love the pix. The boys are getting big. BTW, the ketchup story had everyone over here cracking up. Hope we can see you next month! Love you, sis!

ukrainiac said...

I love the pictures BEFORE the clean-up. My motto when our three were young (all in diapers at the same time, by the way) was "Don't get mad. Get the camera." This was pre-digital. AGES ago. Anyway, I was usually in a better state of mind after getting the camera and taking a picture of the disaster than I was when I first saw whatever. Remembering when the kiddos helped me clean using a box of baking soda...everywhere! Not sure where they got that idea...

Kim Heinecke said...

Love the mill. My mother in law grinds my grains for me with her mill. I'll leave it at her house...looks messy! :)


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