Wednesday, March 26, 2008

life: beautiful

I'll write more about this lovely publication later (during naptime!).
I just couldn't wait to tell you what I'd found!
Edited Later:
I've skimmed through this and have seen a lot to enjoy.
I'm not sure I can whole-heartedly recommend it, due to some of the choices for columnists. I don't know. Here's where life and choices and faith become intertwined and questions arise. If 90% of something is fine, should we ignore the 10% we might not agree with? Because it's certainly "better than a lot of other things out there", should I choose to buy and read it? Am I thinking too much about it all, or not enough?
I enjoy "Victoria", but their Writer in Residence is someone whose worldview, while focused on beauty, is skewed to me. I'm not cancelling my subscription, just choosing to skip her columns. Here, "Life: Beautiful", arrives with a subtitle of "Faith for Your Journey" which causes me to look more intently at it.
I like the premise of the magazine overall and the photography is some of the best around. The recipes look great and I'll try the Lemon Roll this week. I love that it addresses life in all its parts. There are suggestions for everything from decorating with things you make and/or repurpose, crafts, dinnertime, smart money management, life lessons, serving others, caring for your body and even healthy cleaning supplies. There's even a section reviewing and previewing a variety of media related things like movies, books and music.
I know that part of the journey I am on is trying to simplify and to see how all the parts of my life intersect viewing them all through the eyes of my faith.
Life is not always beautiful, but I am trying to see and appreciate and even highlight the beauty that is there in this fallen world. I desire to create a haven and refuge for my family in our home. Not so that we can just hide in here and not have to deal with others, but that we may be refreshed and refilled here with His love and the love of one another and then go out to share His love with others in our paths.
I think this publication does a wonderful job in those aspects and I am excited to see something that "gets it", even when I cannot always articulate my thoughts and visions for life.
What say you?


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I just bought this last week. I couldn't believe all the beautiful pages.

Of course, I was already thinking how I could use it in my scrapbook journal. :)

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Haven't seen that. I'll have to look for it!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I'm not familiar with this publication, I'll have to look for it. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, thanks for sharing.


tonia said...

I am a proponent of looking for the beautiful in each situation. By virtue of our state, everything here will be tainted by sin and corruption in some way. I used to live defensively...always on the watchout lest I somehow be tainted as well...

but now I think that we can look at things from the other side: God's hand is everywhere and when we find something redeemable in the most unlikely places, we can praise Him for His presence here among us. Now I live expecting to find His truth and loveliness...and I find hints of it everywhere. It freed me from worrying about what I "should" or "shouldn't" read, watch, do, associate with. It seems to me this is how Jesus operated in the world...not afraid of being stained, but instead, bringing truth and beauty to every thing and every one.

~ I've given you a novel here in your comment box! Sorry about that...sometimes I just start talking and don't stop.

The magazine looks lovely, and it sound like you have found the beautiful things and been refreshed. Wonderful!


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