Sunday, February 24, 2008

Love and Life

For Valentines Day I surprised Sweetheart by arranging for us to renew our vows. The church we used to go to when we first moved to Denver was having a special ceremony on Valentines Day for anyone who wanted to participate, so I signed us up.

The church itself is enormous. They held the service in their smaller chapel. Its walls are filled with beautiful stained glass designs. It really is a lovely, more intimate space.

When we arrived we joined about twenty five other couples; couples whose marriages ranged from two years to forty one years. (This summer will be our tenth anniversary.) They led the men down stairs and we ladies waited in the foyer with our beautiful long-stem red roses. Each couple was also given a beautiful certificate and a book on marriage. A photographer also took pictures of each couple which will be sent our way soon.

They played the music and each of us joined up with our spouses at the top of the aisle to walk down together. The pastor who used to teach our Sunday School class spoke on love and marriage and a few songs were played. All of the couples then gathered back at the front to exchange vows.

It was wonderful. Truly. After the ceremony there was a reception with cake and punch. We didn't stay long as I had made reservations for us for dinner at a nearby restaurant Sweetheart loves. It would have been neat to have stayed longer as we enjoyed each of the couples we had talked to.

Later, Sweetheart commented what a great time all the guys had downstairs laughing and visiting before the ceremony began. He said it was so nice to be around men who loved their wives and seemed to truly enjoy being married.

Each of the couples we talked to together were delightful. It was a special time. I am so glad that we were able to join in the celebration of marriage.

(I'm also glad I was actually able to surprise Sweetheart--not an easy task!)


Brenna said...

What a beautiful gesture. Such a lovely gift to give your dh. I'm sure he'll remember this VDay for many years to come.

Jodi said...

Kimberly ~ What a lovely, unique valentine gift!

BaileyZimmerman said...

What a wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day!!


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