Sunday, December 09, 2007


O the joy of a quiet morning before everyone else is up. A cup of Earl Grey, a slice of pumpkin bread, snuggleling down next to the Christmas tree with my Everything Book and taking a few moments to greet the day with His Words and some prayer requests resting on my heart.


Mary Isabella said...

What a wonderful thing to do. Blessings of the week to you Mary

Jodi said...

It sounds cozy and refreshing. (Your book is lovely!)

Kelli said...

Your morning sounds lovely, Kimberly!
You asked about the Mrs. Meyer's cleaners. They smell like spicy gingerbread, very nice and I plan on using them all winter. The name of the book that I posted about is "One Shenandoah Winter." It was predictable but a very sweet read. I finished it today!

Susan PA said...

Have you talked about your "Everything Book?" It is very pretty. But what do you have in it? Does it help you DO anything, or is it more for refreshment?

Susan (mama to eight and wife to one)

Tanya said...

I, too, am wondering about your "Everything Book". It looks beautiful. Also, "Hi"! I've been a lurker (sorry). I can't even remember anymore how I stumbled onto your blog, but its been a blessing.



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