Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tea Cart

My Birthday present last spring was a beautiful cherry tea cart. I've never seen one with such beautiful lines. I enjoy changing the displays seasonally. In the fall I place my Lusterware peach and blue set. At Christmas I had it set with Christmas china and poinsettas.

After I put the Christma decorations away I put my Rose Tree Chintz china out. It looked a little pink for January, but now is all set for Valentines Day. Won't you come join me for tea?


Jodi said...

Kimberly, your china is lovely; the roses are so delicate! And your tea cart is beautiful. I love cherry wood.

Anonymous said...

< Won't you come join me for tea? >

I'd love to!
Can you send me a plane ticket?
joanna :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said... I'm coveting! :)

Anonymous said...

When my great-grandmother died back in 1973, half of her beautiful antiques came to our house. Even then, when I was just 12 years old, I loved them and saw the value of them.
Unfortunately my more "modern" mother did not. :(
She gave a lovely cherry wood tea cart to my aunt who promptly spray painted it blue!! Oh, horrors!!!
(I've never forgiven her for that!!)
As an aside, I was bequeathed her bed and dresser.
Unfortunately, when my grandpa came to live with us, he was given the set to use outside in the guest house which wasn't well insulated so the bed bowed and got totally ruined from the ocean moisture.
And my beautiful dresser? sniff...sniff...
My grandpa CUT THE LEGS OFF and put the rest into a funky chest-type of thing he he basically only used the drawers!!!!
I often wonder why God chose to put me in my particular family. I have always been old-fashioned and all of them.... have absolutely NOT.
joanna :(

Kelli said...

Your tea cart is just beautiful, Kimberly! You have all your treasures displayed so nicely. Your teaset is very delicate and perfect for Valentine's Day!

Julieann said...

I would love to join you with tea!!! Your tea cart is just absolutely lovely.


Kimberly said...

People often ask if I was raised in a family that served tea. No. It was just something I discovered and loved on my own. Now, I do have them join me when they can.
My husband and I chose to fill our home with treasures. Some are from my family, but most are things we've collected over the years. We were given my grandparents' antique furniture after my Grandmother died as no one else had room/was interested in it.


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