Thursday, February 15, 2007

Living Room

Here's some pictures of our Living Room. You can see part of it in the picture from Valentines Day, so I thought I'd post these. I rearranged the whole room after we took down the mammoth Christmas tree. It really opened up the room and made it feel larger.

The couch, chairs, mirror, and one table had been my grandparents'. They purchased everything just after my grandfather returned from WWII. The tall, wooden table was a friend's who gave it to us because it didn't match anything in her home.
In the corner is our Edison. It's like a phonograph, but was patented by Thomas Edison and works in a slightly different manner. We have a bunch of the records, but they are pretty scratched up, so we rarely play it. We store dvds in the bottom cabinet. The front panel was missing when we bought in, so I place a panel of lace in the opening to finish it off.
The white wicker table we actually bought at an auction a few years back. The crochet tablecloth was a thrift store find. The clock was a lovely homewarming gift from my sister years ago. The small teapot had been my grandmother's. The silver stand is filled with some of my antique calling cards. (There's a picture of that close-up a few posts down.)
Sweetheart added to my calling card collection yesterday for Valentines Day. I'll be posting pictures of those when I get my post done on the history & symbolism of calling cards. The things laying on the cloth are cards and an antique Valentine with a little red-headed boy.

It's like having a parlor. This is the room you enter when you walk in the front door. However, unlike most parlors, Abner the Airedale has claimed the couch as his bed and can often be found there after eight p.m.


Anonymous said...

Your sofa and chair, etc are in excellent condition especially considering they date back to WWII! You have a lovely home.

Jodi said...

I love your furniture! How great to have something so sentimental. Beautiful -- just beautiful!

Kelli said...

Thank you for letting us peek into your livingroom, Kimberly! It's just beautiful. Very victorian, cozy and inviting!!

Davene said...

I love reading the significance of the various items. It feels like our house: everything has a story, nothing was just "we went to the furniture store and bought this complete set!" :)

It's so much more special this way!


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