Monday, January 08, 2007

Today's Tea Post

I received my Republic of Tea catalog the other day including a sample of their British Breakfast. I like English Breakfast teas as they are usually a blend of unflavored black teas. Think of our Lipton, only...better. I do prefer loose leaves for tea as it does make a better cup of tea, but I like to share about different types of bagged teas as they are more accessable to most people.

According to the catalog, British Breakfast, "is a robust blend of quality black teas, hearty enough to make any Brit smile in the morning. This is no mass-marketed blend, but a savory mixture of select China, India, Ceylon and Kenya leaves that sets a new teaste standard for this classic beverage."
I'm not used to savory as an adjective for tea, but I would agree about the robust part! It has a delightful aroma smelling of pure tea leaves. The color of the brew is a rich, pleasing one. It has a clean, fresh taste with a pleasant aftertaste.
This is one I'd recommend if you like black tea, but want to try something a little new. It's really good. It would make a good morning tea with a bit of a kick to it for those of us who may need a little help getting going in the mornings, that said, I'd probably buy the decaf version myself as caffeine and pregnancy aren't a good mix. It would stand up well to a bit of milk and sugar, if you were so inclined.
Of course, it would also work as a good mid-afternoon pick up with a plate of scones. Mmm...
I went over to their website at and found out this interesting anecdote about the tea:

"This blend is our version of the popular blend called “English Breakfast” which is a name tea marketers created to describe Britain’s popular morning blend. Usually this blend has a substantial amount of China teas as opposed to “Irish Breakfast” which has dominance of India teas. "
I had wondered what the difference was, as I knew they were both black tea blends. We learn something new each day! Why don't you take a break, brew a cup of tea, and relax and stay awhile?


Sheila in Seattle said...

Thanks for that tea lesson. I wondered what made it English or Irish breakfast.

Kelli said...

English Breakfast is a wonderful tea to wake up to in the morning! It is Phillip's favorite tea!

Jodi said...

English Breakfast is my favorite *said in a sing-song voice* :o)! Did you pick up your latest issue of Tea Time? It's out on the stands; we picked one up last week. (Of course, we've not been snowed in for the last month! Hope the weather is getting better and the roads are getting clearer.)

Julieann said...

Kimberly--can you tell me some tea that you would recomend for us pregnant mama's--I will be going to the Doctor's at the end of the month, and would like to take a list and see if he will okay any of the teas---I have not drank any, because I am not sure which are safe, and I kept forgetting to ask my Doc.
Thank you:)



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