Saturday, January 20, 2007

10 Things I Love That Start With The Letter "E"

I was over visiting at Linda's blog, "Soli Deo Gloria"where she was doing a listing of "10 Things I Love That Start With The Letter "F". She was also doling out letters to people who wanted them. I got "E". She said the vowels were being neglected. I can see why, but here goes, in no particular order:

1. The Everlasting One- God
2. Eleanor Grace - My Maternal Grandmother
3. Effie Blanch- My Paternal Grandmother
4. Eileen Lucille- My Stepmother
5. Elizabeth Bennet- I love Pride & Prejudice!
6. Elegance
7. Earl Grey Tea
8. Edelweiss-Both the flower and the song!
9. E-mail- I love getting e-mail, except stupid forwards that tell me God will only answer my prayers if I forward the e-mail on to 15 people in the 30 seconds. But otherwise, leave a comment and it'll be e-mailed to me-I love that!
10. Edible Flowers- I sprinkle them on everything! (Pansies, johnny jump-ups, nasturtiums & bachelor buttons/cornflowers are what I use a lot fresh from my garden and pesticide-free.)

The image at the top of the post is of my grandmother, Eleanor, and my Grandfather, Kurt. It's a collage my Aunt, Linda Bailey-Zimmerman, did as a part of a book she created on the family. She is an incredible artist. Some of her work can be found here. I am so proud of her. She has such an amazing way of putting images together.


Jodi said...

How lucky for you -- you had all those "E" names to help fill the list - lol!

I'm partial to the name Elizabeth myself (though Hubby has never let me use it). The name Eleanor Grace is very pretty, too. My Bridget's middle name is Anne (named for her grandmother); thus her initials are BAD.

Oh, and your aunt's artwork is beautiful! She is a talented lady.

Linda said...

Kimberly, your list is "E"xcellent! You were assigned a tougher letter than others but I knew you would rise to the occasion.

I also love Elizabeth Bennet, Email and most of all, our Everlasting God!

How neat that your two grandmothers and stepmom all start with "E"s.

Thank you so much for playing along!


Mrs. G said...

I just love old wedding photographs :)

thanks for sharing :)

Julieann said...

What a beautiful picture of your Grandparents!!!

We are thinking of names also--

My daughter's middle name is Elizabeth, so I love that name too:)

I am glad to see you back posting, Kimberly!


Anonymous said...

I have a childrens book called Mrs. Gigglebelly Comes for Tea. THe little girl in the book is called Elizabeth Ann. Her mother does the spring cleaning and still takes time out to dress up and show up for tea with her daughter. It is a sweet book.


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