Friday, December 01, 2006

The ABC’s of Advent

A few weeks ago Shelly Radic from MOPS International spoke at our MOPS Meeting on Christmas. She shared some ideas from a little flip book she had called The ABC’s of Advent. The book is now out of print, and her copy was lost, so I do not know who the authors were. I wanted to share, though, a few of their ideas. If you know anything more about this book, PLEASE share it in the Comments as I would like to give credit where credit is due.

The book suggested going through the alphabet with one letter for each day. It gave ideas for ornaments, carols, activities, and books to read. Since I don’t know who the authors are, I do not want to just post all their hard work with no credit. I spoke with Shelly and she thought maybe just sharing the word for each letter would be ok. I will do all the ideas for “A” to get you started though!

December 1
“A” is for ANGEL. Angels are God’s messengers. Angels announced Jesus’ birth.
Ornament: Cut out an angel, or make an angel garland.
Carol: “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”
Activities: Bake angel shaped cookies. Talk about angels.
Books: The Littlest Angel

B= Baby Jesus
C= City of Bethlehem
D= Donkey
E= Evergreen Tree
F= Family
G= Gift of Grace
H= Heart
I= Inn
J= Joy (Jesus*Others*You)
K= King of Kings
L= Lamb
M= Multitude of Angels
N= Name
O= “O Come All Ye Faithful”
P= Present
Q= Quiet Time
R= Rod (Candy Cane)
S= Saint Nicholas
T= Twinkling Star
U= “Unto Us a Child is Born”
V and W (same day)= Visit of the Wise Men
X= X is for Jesus Christ. X is the Greek symbol for Jesus Christ
Y= Yule Log
Z= ZZZZ (Sleep well knowing that God watches over us and never slumbers or sleeps.)
Do you have to do these exact letters? No, of course not. You may have an idea that works better for you. Feel free to comment and share your ideas.


Kelli said...

It sound like a fun little book! Thank you for sharing the ideas with us!

Anonymous said...

How lovely, what great ideas :)

Anonymous said...

I know this is incredibly old, but the authors of this book are from Beverly Heights Church in Pittsburgh PA! My mom was one of them! We grew up using the ABC's of Advent and I simply love it - I am now carrying on the tradition with my girls.


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