Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where Did Autumn Go?

Just this weekend we were having beautiful Autumn weather. Now it feels like the middle of winter! The sky is gray, the air is cold. No longer cool, just cold. We were forecast for 1-4 inches of snow. A few flakes flew last night, but melted upon landing. I am not ready for winter! I want to enjoy my roses and morning glories for awhile here.
Pumpkin's just awakening from his nap. I've heard a few sweet noises. He is such a joy!
We go tomorrow to the doctor to have his little leg examined. Maybe they'll tell us he's healed and take the cast off early. That would be welcomed. It is so difficult to hold and manuever him encased in fiberglass. He sure has been a good sport about it all. I love that little boy.

I made two batches of pumpkin bread and one batch of banana bread yesterday. I love how it makes the whole house smell of spices. I've been tweaking the recipes a bit to add more whole wheat and less sugar. They turned out great. I'll be posting the recipes during the next nap time.
I'll also make up some more whole wheat pitas. They really went fast this time. I just made some last week! We did use them for homemade pizzas a few times. It works so well. Plus, they were good with the Carrot-Ginger Soup I made on Sunday. Mmmm. It made for a nice lunch today as well.
I've got dinner going in the crockpot. It sure helps with getting dinner ready as the time before dinner is a hard time for Pumpkin. I usually feed him first and then make our dinner, but I cannot play with him and cook at the same time. This does not make him happy. I used to have him in his highchair by me so I could talk to him while I cooked, but since he cannot sit now, he goes in the playpen. This is not his favorite place to be.
I am trying to hard to plan ahead for everything so that neither of us is on meltdown mode when Sweetheart arrives home. Wish us luck!

Picture: Katherine Kine, AllPosters.com

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