Sunday, October 29, 2006

Peace in the Home

A common comment made by those visiting our home is about how peaceful it is. It is a very peaceful nesting place. It doesn't just happen though. Yes, lighting the candles and playing beautiful classical music all day and evening do help, but it is more than that.

I think the peace in our home has been made possible by three distinct things. The first, is undoubtably the peace in our hearts. We love Jesus and trust in Him. This helps us to serve and love one another. This creates peace.

The second thing stems from my discovery of Flylady a few years ago. Yes, we had peace in our hearts, and much love, but the house itself was usually a mess. Learning how to adapt Flylady's system to my life brought many things into balance in addition to cleaning up the place.

Finally, the third thing comes from a decision my husband and I made before we were married seven years ago. We do not watch television. At all. It is not a part of our lives. I am so glad. It has freed up so much: so much time, so much money, so much greed, and so much space in the Family Room.

This decision has been so freeing. We both love to read and spend a lot of our evenings happily reading at home. I am constantly told by others that they don't have time to read. Ok. They may not. People have different responsibilities. I like reading, so I make time to do it.

It is always interesting how many people feel compelled to tell me, upon learning of our choice not to view, that they do not watch "much" television. Ok. They may not. I do not care. My choosing not to have television is not so I can judge others who do.

I do not usually bring up the subject myself, as it tends to weird out those around me. I am often asked by others if I have seen this show, or that commercial. I just say no, if pressed, I will say that we don't watch television. My own family will still ask. That's ok. The answer is still no.

I don't miss it. In fact, I find it horribly annoying when I am out shopping, eating, or at someone else's house and the television is on. It's awful. It's noisy, stops intelligent discourse, and is incredibly distracting.

I also find that there is very little that is not offensive. Even if the programming itself is fine, the constant commercials are terrible. Yes, the programs may be very well-written, but one evening's viewing at a family member's had me in tears. The show was not-so-subtlely promoting all types of "activities" that the people watching it would not participate in, or condone if asked, but they sat they absorbing the content without question.

I should stop now before I climb any higher on my soapbox. Back to peace in the home. Obviously, just cleaning up the place and turning off the television will help, but don't neglect the peace of mind found in Jesus. Sharing His love with those who come into your home brings peace as well. Have a lovely Sunday.


Anonymous said...

What beautifully well stated reasons for not watching television. I applaud your decision, it sounds like it was the right one :o)

Jodi said...

I like reading, so I make time to do it.

So true! We are a reading family! :o)

Amber said...

We also receive the compliment that our home is peaceful. We also do not watch television and like you, when we see it elsewhere we are reminded again why we choose not to have it in our home.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and check it daily. Blessings to you.


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