Thursday, October 12, 2006

Herbal Vinegars

I love growing herbs in my garden eat year. There are always more than we can use fresh, so I dry them in bunches and make herbal mixes. I also love to make Herbal Vinegars. I found a box of bottles in the basement that I must have bought last year and forgot to use! I boiled them in the big stockpot while Pumpkin napped. I then went out and picked the herbs and washed them. Later, I filled the jars while he played in the play pen. During the afternoon nap I printed the tags on handmade paper and tied them on with raffia. It was a drawn out process, but well worth it. They make great Hostess Gifts and Christmas Gifts!


Anonymous said...

I'm here from the Sparrow's Nest. What beautiful vinegars! I love how they look on the window. :)
Joanna in Ca.

Shelley Jo said...

How lovely! This is my first visit here. I found your post on Mrs. Wilt's shoutbox. You site is so pretty!
P.S. My oldest is named Kimberly!


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