Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First Snow

No sitting on the porch today. It's snowing here in Denver. It's been a gray day, but not too cold. The snow isn't sticking yet, but if it continues, I think it will accumulate overnight. Pumpkin and I are inside staying warm. (Cooking helps!)

I didn't post on here yesterday as I was learning how to do a bunch of cool stuff on the sidebar. (Thanks, Sweetheart!) I've also been visiting the sites of everyone who's commented on here and will be adding more links soon.

I must admit to being also overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me by the other ladies in the Comments sections. Wow. I've been feeling so alone, which I'm sure has been compounded by being homebound everyday for three weeks now. It's so nice to know that there are others of you out there like me. Like Anne said, "Kindred spirits are more common than I used to think." I guess many of you are "of the tribe that knows Joseph" as Anne would say. I don't know how to define that in words, but I know it when I see it and I've been seeing it on your blogs. Thank you again.

Here's Pumpkin sending everyone some kisses today!

*** Note the hair. We do not call him Carrots. Should we call it Titian Hair, or just plain red? Maybe it will darken into a handsome auburn. Just teasing. It really is a nice color. No, neither my husband nor myself have red hair. However, it is spread throughout both of our families, so it was somewhat expected. He's quite a handsome boy.


Kelli said...

Hi Kimberly!
Pumpkin is such a cutie and your sidebar looks great!

Jodi said...

Kimberly -

I hope you don't think it too bold to ask, but I was wondering how your little fella was getting on in his cast? does it come off soon?

Your sidebar is looking good. Once you get going (and shall I say brave enough to try - just because I know I was afraid I'd really mess it up), it really is a lot of fun working in the template. Before you know it -- you'll have too many things you want to put over there and it's oh so hard to choose - lol!

I'm so glad I found your blog!



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