Friday, September 15, 2006

Autumn Reading Challenge

I've joined the
Autumn Reading Challenge.
I've got a list of books I'm planning to read before December. It's good to have a plan!

Sandition/Charlotte~ Jane Austen (done)
Nicholas Nickleby~Charles Dickens (841 pages later-I am finished! Great story BTW!)
Pilgrim's Progress~ John Bunyon (Just starting)
Theology/God/Christian Living:
1 CS Lewis Book
1 Edith or Francis Schaeffer
Biblical Womanhood in the Home~Nancy DeMoss, Ed. (started)
The Day the Rope Broke~Ronald William Clark (Quit-not what I thought it was!)
Women's Intuition~ Lisa Samson (done)
Other Books Not Originally in the Challenge:
Showdown~ Ted Dekker (done & still pondering)
Teaching Your Baby to Read (done)
What Every mother Needs~ MOPS (started)

What are you reading?

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