Sunday, December 23, 2012

Odds and Ends

The blog was closed for a bit and the problem has been resolved.  I surprisingly received several emails while it was down asking about it.  Guess you never know who is really reading.  Sometimes I feel like I'm writing to myself.  But that's ok.  I talk to myself, too.  Though not so much anymore simply because there are always four other people in close proximity talking.  Always.
 Related to the shutdown, I won two giveaways!  The first were some darling potholders made from vintage sheets in a giveaway at The Vintage Sheet Blog.  I chose the red ones and LOVE them.  Here is the lovely tutorial so you can make your own.  They were made by the very talented Cindy at Retro Revival. She has a shop, too, if you'd rather buy than make.  Check out both of these blogs for some fun ideas.  The Vintage Sheet Blog has some great ideas and directions to make all sorts of things from sheets.

The other giveaway was a necklace from That Old Blue House in a contest sponsored by Folk  Magazine.   Is this me, or what? Farm or no farm, I've been wearing it since it arrived.  It's so pretty.  Cupcake loves it, too.  Of course, she also tries to run off with the potholders to use in her kitchen whenever she gets the chance.
Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket...

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BaileyZimmerman said...

Congrats....what fun!!
So, so happy that you decided to stay in blogland!!!!


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