Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have a few.
I am currently rerererereading Jane Eyre.  What should I read when that is complete?
What is tumblr?  I see links to it from Pinterest, but don't get it.
What happened to my other chicken?  I killed one on Saturday, but we appear to be down by two.
Why did I get 13 eggs the other day and only 5 today?  Is this normal?
Why will it take so long for the next Downton Abbey to be ready?  I want to watch it now!
And was the fact that Mr. Timmins was cast as Mr. Bates the reason for Lark Rise's demise?
And where are our bees?  We haven't seen any fly out of our bee tree yet this year.
Will Cupcake sleep tonight so I can?


BaileyZimmerman said...

Great list of questions.....wish I had a few answers!!

You are rereading Jane Eyre....and we've been watching allllll the different versions ever filmed. It's been fun....but I think Paul needs a break!

Wasn't the last episode of this year's Downtown Abbey wonderful...what a nice way to end the season!!

Re: Lark's seemed as if so many characters left and some left without much sorts petered out....don't you think? I am happy to see Mr. Timmins reborn as Mr. Bates.....

Hope Cupcake sleeps thru the night and well into the morning.....


Kim said...

Just Jane by Nancy Moser ~ It's light and fun and about Jane Austen.
I have no idea!
Maybe it went looking for the other one.
That happens to me with the eggs usually when the weather changes.
I agree.
Hope they are still there.
Sweet dreams, if not sneak a nap.
Always fun to visit!

Bonnie said...

I can only answer 2 questions: Tumblr seems to be a blog host. And from what I've inadvertently pulled up, mostly people with trashy content use it And I don't see any sort of block or warning, its just suddenly there. I'm not sure there is any warning about content, like with blogger. (I've clicked on innocent looking pictures, and if they are on blogger, a warning comes up that the sight may/does feature adult content. You can leave before seeing something you would rather not) But thats just my opinion.
Move to the UK. Downton Abbey will be on in September. Then move back here so you can catch it again around January when we get it.

I hope Cupcake slept.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have a link today on my blog for my OTHER blog daughter. :)

She has put together a great reading list for Downton Abbey fans.

Stephanie's brother-in-law lives in Ireland (he married an Irish girl) and it drives her crazy when they get to see Downton Abbey so far before she does. :)

Anonymous said...

I bought the first season of Larkrise but it bores me to tears. I think I've watched 2 episodes so far and can't get into it. It seems like they want us to sympathize with the fat, drunken lady. Sorry, no can do.


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