Friday, December 08, 2006


I have so many pictures, I'd love to post, but Blogger appears to not want me to! Help! I don't know if switching to BETA would help. I wonder if Typepad is any better. What are your thoughts? I know I'm not alone with the Blogger Picture Problem. Please comment and let me know what's working for you. Thank you!


Jodi said...

Kimberly -

I've had much better luck since I've switched to BETA. I've only had one morning I couldn't upload, and it didn't give me a crazy error message that time -- it gave me a "real" blogger message (unable to upload at this time - or something like that). I was really, really hesistant to make the switch, but now I'm glad I did.

Also, it took a LOT longer than I thought it would to move everything over to BETA (I think it was about six hours from when I set it in motion). I would suggest getting it going in the evening and then it should be done when you wake up. :o)

That's just my two cents worth. I just prefer to stick with the freebie blogging for now, but I know others really love Typepad.

Kimberly said...

Thanks Jodi! I appreciate the imput. Free is good!

Shelley Jo said...

I have loved Typepad since making the switch. It seems to be a lot easier than blogger was, and hence my blog is more active & with PHOTOS now.
I think it's worth the $4.95 a month. You can try it free for a month first to see if you like it.
You can check it out if you like:


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