Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Christmas Tea

Well, the Christmas Tea is done. After all the ladies responded we were to be a party of five out of eight. Within an hour of our tea time, two ladies cancelled for different reasons. Needless to say, the three of us had plenty of food!

Here was my plan for the tea. The reality is listed in red. :)

Two Weeks Before
Decide on Theme-Christmas Done
Invite Guests-MOPS Table Ladies (8) Done

One Week Before
Make Menu Done Two Days Before-Delayed as I was still trying to know who was coming.
Plan Grocery List and Amounts Done Two Days Before
Bake and Freeze Items Done Two Days Before

Two Days Before
Shop for groceries Done the Day Before
Wash and Prep Vegetables Done Morning Of
Bake Breads Done Two Days Before

Day Before Nothing Happened That Day. Everything that got done was done the day of the tea. Sweetheart & I went to the forest to get our Christmas Tree. This, and the challenges of decorating a 17 foot+ tree, took a lot more time than planned.
Bless (Clean) Home Done
Make Scone Mix
Make Sandwich Fillings
Set Tables
Assemble Trifle Skipped Altogether

Morning Of Done
Assemble Sandwiches, Cover with Damp Towels & Refrigerate
Whip Cream Used Cool Whip
Slice Lemons Skipped
Fill Jam Pots
Clean Kitchen

Thirty Minutes Before Done
Check List for Details
Put the Scones in the Oven Note: These turned out so good with the cranberries, spices and orange peel. I'm planning to make some for Christmas!
Take a Few Quiet Moments Alone/Check Appearance
Garnish Plates

Final 15 minutes Done
Light Candles
Play Music
Whip Cream
Sprinkle Powder Sugar
Put Out Cream & Lemon
Put Out Jam
Put Kettle On
Put Food Out

Why did I list this? Well, I love to plan out events. I believe it makes things go smoother. I wonder sometimes though, why I bother at all. Sometimes I think I might be better off without a plan. While I'd love for everyone to think I have it all together and can do it all perfectly, I can't. I am hoping this will be an encouragement to other ladies to know they are not alone in trying to do something well, but have their plans get demolished. It did all work out and it was a lovely time. I believe the ladies who attended enjoyed their time and the doggie bags of food I sent them home with!
In hindsite, I wish I could be more firm with RSVPs. However, as there were last minute cancellations, I don't think it would have mattered. Maybe I should have cancelled it altogether, but I didn't want to as they said they were looking forward to it. I was as well. I did try to focus on serving them and it was a lot of fun.
The one thing I do know: we cut down too big of a tree. It took so much longer to do that it definitely altered some of the planning as I couldn't do anything at all on Saturday. Hint: if you have to decorate the top of the tree while it's still lying down and before it goes in the stand, it's probably too big. I'd post pictures, but I'm not sure how I'd get the whole thing in. We sure did have fun, though, snowshoeing and picking out the tree. Hauling it back to the truck, not as much fun as it was quite heavy. Having to cut four feet off to get it in the truck, not as much fun, but it did give us branches to decorate with! Still having the tree stick out of the tree by 6 feet+, was probably not the best idea. We did have fun though, really.
I couldn't have done it without my Mother though. She babysat Pumpkin while we went to get the tree, and entertained him while I fought with the lights. She came back on Sunday and did the decorations for the bottom 5 1/2 feet of the tree in between playing with the baby. Thank you Mom!


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering how the tea turned out. You seem disappointed overall, but it sure sounds like a lovely time.
I attended my first "high tea" last Sunday afternoon. A group of 5 ladies from my homeschool bible study drove south about half an hour to a very small tea shop where I enjoyed my first cups of real tea! When I told the woman serving us that I've only ever had boxed tea from the grocery store, you should have seen her look of horror-lol!!!
It was one of the best afternoons I've had in years. The dear friends, the conversation, the delicious tea (3 kinds and I brought 2 of them home with me!), the yummy sandwiches and desserts, the cozy atmosphere....I will remember that lovely afternoon for years to come, I'm sure. :)

Kimberly said...

Oh dear, I hope I don't sound too disappointed. I must confess that it was hard not to be when the ladies cancelled. Really, the cicumstances were out of their control. I felt bad for them because they both really need a break this holiday season and a quiet few hours would have been nice.
I'm glad you had fun at your tea, Joanna. What was the name of the tea shop you went to? There are so many delightful ones in California. Isn't it fun to try new teas?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is SO fun to try new teas!
The shop is called "Tea~rriffic" and the website, which I haven't been to, is www.tearriffic.com.
The tea I bought is from "Tea Fountain"-have you heard of that company? One is a black Chai (I've finally had a chai!) and the other is a green tea called "Plum and Cinnamon." Both are yum. The third one we had, which was served with the desserts, was a white tea which I didn't care for that much.
I'm enjoying a cup of the black tea as I write this. It smells so good. It's also known as their Christmas tea.
How can I ever go back to boxed tea after this? :)

Mary said...

Hello Kimberly,

Your tea sounded lovely. They take a lot of prep and planning. I enjoyed reading your party plan. I have a good friend who emailed her tea party prep plans to me when I hosted a tea and they were such a help. Will you be posting pictures? I would love to see them. I am sure those ladies felt special at your tea.

Kelli said...

Hi Kimberly,
Your tea sounds lovely! I'm sorry that there were so many cancellations but I'm sure the ladies that attended were very blessed! You are a wonderful hostess!

Kimberly said...

Joanna~ I looked at the website. It looks like a really fun place. I am not familiar with Tea Fountain. I'm glad you found some new teas to enjoy.
Mary~ I actually didn't take any pictures. I meant to, but didn't do it before they arrived and it seemed awkward later. When they left, it wasn't nearly as pretty. Maybe next time!
Kelli~ Thanks for your sweet words.

Kelley said...

Sounds like a wonderful success in spite of the cancellations!
Wishing you a blessed day!


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