Friday, October 06, 2006

Tea of the Week

We received a little care package for Pumpkin from a friend the other day. She sent him a little stuffed bear for hugging. She was so sweet to include a little something for Mommy & Daddy. Harney & Sons Cranberry Autumn Tea has been filling my cup this week.

Their website describes it as:
A blend that combines black teas from China and India with dried cranberries, oranges and cranberry flavoring. Reminiscent of the crisp days and joyous family meals surrounding Thanksgiving and Autumn.
Last Autumn I was working at this friend, Linda's, shop, The Tea Rose in Olde Town Arvada, while we were awaiting Pumpkin's arrival. I remember the day the Harney's shipment came in with the cases of Cranberry Autumn. It made the entire shop smell so delightful.
Of course, the shop always smells so good. Her teapot candles have the nicest fragrances. Gentle music plays softly in the background as she offers guests complimentary tea samples.
A customer once commented when I was working, "What a great place to grow a baby!" I agree. I am sure some of Pumpkin's delightful disposition is due to being grown in such a lovely, and peaceful environment. Thank you, Linda, for everything.
Now, I need to go call her and get her recipe from Pumpkin Scones. She brought some in last Fall. They were the softest scones I have ever had. I ordered whipping cream from the dairy this week just so I could make them. I'll post the recipe later.
Update- I found a copy of the recipe and made them. They were fine, but not as good as Linda's If I figure out the secret, then I'll post the recipe.

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