Friday, January 22, 2016

dusting off the keyboard~

I love being back here in Colorado. I can drive 15 minutes from our home and be here.  And that blue sky?  What can I say?  I longed for that blue sky the years in Idaho.  To have sunshine on a winter day is such a gift and one I seem to need.  Too much endless grey seems to seep into the very heart of me.

This is the heart Sweetheart tromped into the snow for me in the middle of a lake.  We went snowshoeing one morning while the kids were having a sleepover at Grandma's.  Last weekend all five of us strapped on our snowshoes and came right back here.  This heart was gone, snow and wind had driven it away.  Besides, by the time the kids were done there were tracks scattered all across every surface.

It was Cupcake's first time on snowshoes as in previous winters she's been light enough to float above the snow.  I clipped them on her little boots and within minutes she was running down the trail to catch up with her brothers.  The story of our lives.  By the end of all the off-rail running, climbing, jumping, and sliding Sweetheart had the privilege of snowshoeing with Cupcake on his back.  Occasionally, she wears even herself out.

Both times we've gone to this place to snowshoe we've run into a particular person.  I don't know her name, but I'll ask next time.  She's 86 years young, has only one lung and had me crank up the oxygen bottle strapped to her back a few levels before she took off down the trail.  She wears snow boots and has ski poles and just takes off with her dog and a big smile.  Makes you think twice about complaining that you are tired, or out of breathe at that altitude.

The first time we saw her she was taking off as we were heading back to the van.  I commented that I'd hope she'd be okay.  Sweetheart replied even if she wasn't, what a way to go.  True.  Live life to the fullest and step into heaven from this beauty?  I'd be okay with that.

Until then, I'll still be here enjoying the beauty outdoors and trying to make beauty within.  Winter is my least favorite season.  I must say the extra few moments of daylight each day have been greatly appreciated as they signal the coming Spring. 

Of course, I'm trying to live in the moment and be grateful for each season on the calendar and in life as well, some seasons are harder than others.  I am glad for the promise of Spring and that there is not eternal Winter, even on those days I wonder if the sun will ever return.

And I'll finish up by saying hello to my commentors.  Looks like a few of us from the olden days of blogging are still here, even if some of us have taken time off.  What a smile it brings to my face to see comments from my old friends!  A lot has changed in life, and blogging, in the almost decade since we began.  Thank you for letting me know you're still reading.

Friday, January 15, 2016

beginning again

Hmmm...Let's see if this thing is still working, shall we?  Here's a little sunshine for your day.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Living here is interesting.  There are so many wonderful things to do and see.  We are trying to make the best choices knowing there are only so many moments in a day. 

For so long, I ran from one activity/meeting/class/event to another.  When I decided to take a step back from it all a few, well, seven, years ago, I thought it would be a temporary break from running at a breakneck pace.  Interestingly, I discovered I liked the peace of a slower pace. 

Now, granted, the pace in Idaho was really slow, but somehow it seemed like there was just work.  When one could take a break, there was nothing to do for enjoyment that might involve others.  There was the rare town activity, but they were few and far between.  We're pretty good at entertaining ourselves, but sometimes even we would just want a break from the sameness.

Here there is an abundance of opportunities and activities.  Many of them are wonderful, but how much can one do without going a bit crazy?  July has been just to the point of overwhelming to me. 

August has a few days of Vacation Bible School and the start up of our regular school days. There are friends to get together with and work to do.  It's hard to say no to some of the opportunities as some of them I think sound like fun, but I know that we can only run and go so much before it's just too much. 

I'm not sure how to express myself in all this.  It's not complaining at all.  It is about not wanting to disappoint others by choosing differently. 

I don't know.  Madeleine L'Engle said it well, "When I am constantly running, there is no time for being.  When there is not time for being, there is no time for listening."  Somehow, it seems more valid when a "real" writer says it.  ;)

I need that time to just be and to have the stillness to listen.   I need that stillness to listen to the loved ones around me, but also to listen to my heart.  And I need the few free moments to take a walk around and pick the flowers above, just to replenish my soul.

Plus, I know when the others return soon they, too, will notice the flowers and smile and be happy to be home.  I want them to think of love, peace, beauty and rest when they think of home.

 I hope you have a wonderful week, Dear Ones, and thanks for stopping by.  I'd give each of you a bouquet and a cup of tea if I could.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I've been silent here awhile.
I've been absorbing so many things.
With school done for awhile I've been reading a lot.  Some of it is for school starting in a few weeks, but also just reading for myself.
I've got a stacks, well, really several stacks, of books I'm pouring through.  Some are quick reads and just for entertainment, but many more are ones that must be read slowly to appreciate fully.  I've got books on what feels like every subject and more than I'll get through before I've got to return them to the library.  But that's ok.  I'm noting which are worth checking back out.
We also went to two book sales in the last three weeks.  One was completely free and the other was just donate as you wish.  Um, we might have taken too many.  Though the sellers were encouraging us to take even more.  That was a lot of fun.
The kids have been busy with learning to swim and I've found getting them to the lessons everyday to be a bit much.  We're done until September with formal lessons and I must confess to being glad.
I've taken two classes myself this summer one on cultivating mushrooms and the other on Holistic Land Management.  Both fascinating.  This afternoon was spent at a neighbor's who is a former art teacher.  She spent the afternoon doing art with us.
We've also been doing a lot with family and friends.  I've also picked up some work on the side and have a lot of Orchard House Farm products to put together.  I've sold out of some things completely after doing some sales from home and planning to participate in a big sale next month.  I also got a nice order yesterday for a bunch of gift baskets.  Very exciting for me!
Sweetheart and I also went away for our Anniversary weekend.  That's the first trip away just the two of us for more than a night in over ten years.  We had a wonderful time.
We actually have nothing planned for tomorrow and I am so glad.  It'll be the first full day at home in weeks.  It's weird after often going a week or more without leaving the house.
I'm trying to find the quiet moments where I can.  Some afternoons, it's sneaking off to the back to watch my friend, Skippy, from the picture above.  You have to be quiet and still to hang out with him.
Though the quiet moments can feel very few and far between, I'm relishing them.  Even this moment when the kids have run off to do something in the schoolhouse, I'm just sitting in the silence and relaxing.  It'll be short lived as I need to continue making dinner, but I just wanted to take the moment and share here in the all too quiet place.  But all is well.


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